NSW has a population of almost 7.5 million people.  Almost 3 million of those live OUTSIDE of Sydney.  NSW has at least 12 regional areas with populations of more than 30,000 and numerous populated coastal areas in addition.  There are areas reliant on diverse industries from agriculture to tourism, mining, manufacturing, and everything in between.

Historically the ripple effect means that when Sydney booms, prosperity flows outwards, however this is non linear and regional centres often march to the beat of their own drum, sometimes drawing from the economic activities around the township for up to hundreds of kilometres.  This creates opportunities to obtain better cash flow and receive growth at different times than when the Sydney market is already overheated.

Caution should be exercised when considering remote location investing, as the quality of the local economy and its diversity influences risk.  One industry towns are highly volatile and vulnerable to market fluctuations based on the rise and fall of even a single corporation and its boardroom decisions.  More diversified economies can offer stable returns and attractive affordable entry points for those priced out of expensive capital city real estate.  Studying and understanding the market indicators is vital to ensure rental returns are maximised and risk of losses minimised.

Having invested in a variety of regional options himself and also assisted clients to research and buy in numerous locations Matt is well placed to assist with your regional property purchases.  Please contact Matt if you wish to discuss specific regional options.

One Regional Investor Had This to Say: 

Precium made our buying process truly painless and helped us obtain the right property at the right price. This was our first time using a buyers’ agent and it made a massive difference to us.  We were buying remotely and Matt’s reports and videos, and leg work on site were more than an adequate substitute for being there ourselves. I found Matt very easy to work with, easy to contact at times that suited us, and blessed with a wealth of experience, knowledge and advice that he was very willing to share.
Matt proved himself a valuable and trustworthy partner in the process and helped us not only to find the very best property for our requirements but was also available to guide and support every step of the way.”

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