Buyers Agent - Engagement Fee

Cost of Initial Engagement Fee: $6000 (inc GST) payable at commencement

  • To unlock the services of precium.com.au and access the research, knowledge base, and deals we see.
  • Payment of the engagement fee entitles you to phone and email communication with Matt and to be sent deal information for 6 months (our standard contract terms) or until you sign a contract on a property.
  • This includes one or more initial meetings with you the client, develop a brief, research and source properties matching that brief. We then begin to present properties to you and continue matching properties to your brief during the 6 months or until purchase.

Buyers Agent - Success Fee

Following on from the above engagement and research stage, when a property is identified by you as meeting your brief :

  • We commence making offers on your behalf and commence the negotiation phase. 
  • We manage the negotiations between the seller, sellers agent, client.
  • We liaise with selling agents and legal reps to make sure you are fully supported all the way through to settlement.

Success Fee (invoice will be sent at unconditional exchange and paid within 7 days or half at exchange and half at settlement if you prefer):


Buyers Agent – Engagement Fee (Payable at commencement – NON refundable)
Unlocks our services for 6, 7 or 8 months (our standard contract terms) or until you sign a contract on a property.
Includes initial meetings, develop brief, research, source & discuss properties matching that brief.

Buyers Agent – Success Fee (Payable at unconditional exchange)
Includes research, staff inspections, negotiations and due diligence. We also support with and liaise with selling agents
and legal reps to make sure you are fully supported all the way through to settlement.

Note: For full inclusions see inclusions list. Invoice sent at unconditional exchange & paid within 7 days or prior to settlement. The total fee INCLUDES
both the success fee and engagement fee. For any minor discrepancies at point of fee percentage change, the lesser fee will be charged. This schedule
of fees is to be attached to “Statement of Property Details and Buyers Agency Agreement” REINSW Form SA00050 at time of signing.

We use a graded flat fee system for the lower price brackets to ensure you get the VERY BEST VALUE for money. No other agents offer a reduced rate service THIS LOW for affordable or regional properties.  The benefit to you is that you get to purchase more properties and build your wealth faster! 

We NEVER want you to feel we would suggest you pay more for the property to increase our fees.  We need to offer a percentage for higher priced properties to compensate for the high level negotiation at play but we are happy to fix the fee in advance so you can know EXACTLY what your commitment will be.  

This represents EXCEPTIONAL VALUE when you consider that the Buyer’s Agent will often negotiate a better price and terms that in many instances recoups far more than the entire fee.  

Remember – we help you SAVE money on the purchase price along with SAVING time and SAVING stress.

Renovation Support / Coaching

This is usually an addition to the Buyers Agent service above.  First we discuss the renovation issues and desired outcome.  Next we develop a renovation action strategy with client to a set budget.  We can then assist with logistics of sourcing tradespeople, project management and managing time and budget of renovation.  Costs are negotiated subject to time required onsite and size/complexity of project and clients level of proficiency/independence with undertaking project management. By negotiation.

Custom Quotes

At precium.com.au we can offer tailored quotes if you require a specific service not listed here, please complete an enquiry form if you need an out of the box solution to a unique problem.  We can consider Joint Venture options, Private Finance, Capital Lending, Bulk Property Purchasing etc.

PLEASE NOTE:  Precium does not sell property, and enquiries from developers to market their stock will be declined.

Property Manager Interviewing and Checklist

Choosing your property manager is of critical importance.  Would you hire a business partner without a serious interview?  

Note:  This service (value $500) is now FREE and included with the buyers agent service because so many of our clients request help in this area.