Having never bought property, I had a thousand concerns and questions before contacting Matt. Luckily Matt has the patience of a saint and a took the time to explain the ins and outs of every query that cropped up. After being priced out of the Sydney market, I was loosing hope that I would ever be able to get my foot into the market but Matt guided me through the purchase of my first investment property and now I am the proud owner of a lovely home.

Matt went to great lengths to understand what I wanted to get out of investing in property, even helping me understand what was and wasn’t going to be possible. Having Matt’s expertise behind me gave me much more confidence to take the plunge and get into the market. I am confident that by using Matt’s services I will have saved thousands in the long run as he helped me avoid the lemons on the market. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without him!

Michelle - Investor

After deciding to begin an investment property portfolio from scratch, we decided to engage Matt from Precium to guide us through our first purchase. From our initial discussions, we realised that our interaction with Matt would be more than just a transaction, rather a relationship. He challenged us to consider the “big picture” of our plans and once we were on the same page guided us seamlessly through the whole process. He found properties that matched our brief and did all of the leg work around due diligence and potential downsides. His knowledge and professionalism gave us confidence that we were in safe hands. Matt’s widespread web of contacts and connections has served us well, both in managing to purchase a property for a great price pre-auction and also with all of the additional services like trades, inspectors and property managers. He acted as a liaison between agents and solicitors to ensure the purchase process went smoothly as well. All in all, he made our first purchase both painless and profitable.

I cannot recommend Precium highly enough to anyone who is considering purchasing an investment property – be they amateurs or seasoned professionals. We certainly plan on engaging Matt again for our next purchase.

Matt and Lauren - Investors

Matt was our B.A. when we needed to relocate and purchase a new home. His services were incredible. It was by far the most successful negotiation we have had on price and the speed with which we bought was something I did not expect. His recommendations with a solicitor was another bonus as was his arrangement of the pest and building inspections. I can’t recommend Matt enough.

Mark Rafidi - Owner Occupier

As a part-time aspiring property investor, I have used Precium on more than one occasion. His service has become a formality in the buying process for me. From establishing a strategy on building a portfolio, to selecting the best property to fit the strategy, Matt Knights professional & highly in-tune service has given me the firing power needed to acquire successful deals to reach goals. I have recommended Matt to family & friends, & will continue to promote his service to anyone that should ask as I know that they will receive the level of satisfaction that I have. Thanks mate,

  • IP 1 : 2 homes 1 Title Moss Vale
  • Purchase Price: $440k
  • Value Now: $570k+
  • Yield: 7.4%
  • Growth Since Purchase: $130k
  • IP 2: Renovated 3×1 on large block (future development) Sth Coast
  • Purchase Price: $290k
  • Value Now: $380k+
  • Growth Since Purchase: $90k
  • IP 3: Original 2×1 on large block (future development) Sth Coast.
  • Purchase Price: $235k
  • Value Now: $300k
  • Growth Since Purchase: $65k
Wayne - Repeat Investor

I recently chose Matt at Precium to purchase my very first property and it was a very efficient and stress free process.

As I moved into the back end of my 20s I felt some pressure to enter the property market like many of my friends were. After 6 months trying to navigate the property market in Sydney on my own, knowing very little about the homeownership process, I quickly became exhausted and overwhelmed by it all. Call me lazy, but I wanted someone else to do that hard work for me – I’d rather spend my Friday nights at the pub rather than structuring my inspection schedule on Domain. I was then introduced to Matt, and from the get go he made the process seem less complex and stressful. Matt listened to what I was after in a property and was able to quickly provide options and recommendations to suit my needs – including searching for properties in a location I never would have tried to navigate on my own.

Matt helped me to secure the deal (which was a very good one!) ahead of other interested buyers. Matt’s relationship and negotiation with the agent is what secured me the property – this value-add cannot be under-estimated. He had also already ran some preliminary numbers on what the investment might look like (ie yield). This made the decision very easy.

From securing the property, right through to settlement and beyond, Matt partnered with me to navigate the process (that I knew nothing about) in a very stress-free manner. For me key strengths Matt brought to the table were:
Matt was available and contactable as needed
Matt provided great objective advice throughout the whole process
He was a great soundboard for my [naïve] questions
Matt had a range of great contacts which allowed me to tap into high quality service providers, including the solicitors, building and pest inspections, leasing agents, etc, without researching them myself.
When I hit a snag Matt also helped me navigate a quick turnaround from my lender – a role most buyers agents might not play

I have already advocated Matt & Precium to my friends who are interested in their first (or second) investment property, and will continue to do so. Strangely, Matt has made buying property a little addictive. Expect a call when I’m ready for property number 2 Matt! Thanks again!

  • Property: 3×2 townhouse investment
  • Purchase Price: $265k    
  • Rent: $350pw    
  • Yeild: 6.8%  
  •  Resales in Complex Since Purchase: $290-310k    
  • Growth Since Purchase: $40k
Luke - Westpac

“I first heard about Precium via a friend on Facebook. It was a few months later when I was considering using a buyer’s agent that I decided to find out what Precium was all about. My reason for wanting to use a buyer’s agent was simple. My job was quite demanding meaning I lacked the time and ability to research or visit many places. I wanted to act quickly to get into the market at the right time and I was also hoping to gain experience and knowledge by working side by side with my agent. I met with Matt from Precium to discuss his services and explain my goal to buy 2-3 properties over the next few months. He was enthusiastic and passionate about helping me to achieve this.

Deciding to use Precium as my buyer’s agency was easy. The fees were less than half what I was about to pay with a Sydney based agency, and I would have a more personalised service, enabling me to learn along the way. My overall experience working with Matt at Precium was great. Matt provided a flexible approach, a shared passion, a personalised service, and was happy to help me learn along the way. He would explain the pros and cons of an area and suggest what improvements could be made to increase the rental yield and value of a property.

Even though I like to be hands on with my Investment decisions, I will continue to use the services of Precium, and I recommend Matt to anyone wanting to purchase property either for investment, a holiday home or as your principal residence. Whether you are time poor, totally confused by it all, or just need some help to take that first step into purchasing property, you can’t go past Precium for value and professional personalised service.”

Keith S.

Thank you for finding us the perfect property as we are very happy with it and all of the professional help you have given us. Thanks once again!

  • Property: 3×2 Investment Home in Koonawarra Wollongong 
  • Purchase Price: $380k  
  • Yield: 5.3%    
  • Growth Since Purchase: $70k
Leila George

“As beginners in the investment property business, Michelle and I were so glad to hear that Matt Knight, who we already knew as someone we could trust, could be someone we could rely on to help us through the journey into that unknown territory. A friend recommended him and we were so impressed with Precium’s commitment to honesty, transparency and doing a thorough job for us. Matt already had some properties he could recommend from his research yet was very respectful in listening to what our preferences were. We have greatly appreciated the regular communication and helpfulness with the questions I had. Within a short time, Matt had successfully negotiated a good price for a unit in Wollongong and we were on our way. In congratulating us for how smoothly and quickly the process had gone, Matt said “You are really movers and shakers!” I said, ” You are the mover. We are just shaking.”

However, we weren’t shaking from nervousness because the process had been explained so well and we had been supported so well through it all. Now we hope we can do further business with Precium in the future and would definitely recommend Precium to others looking for similar excellent help in this area.”

  • IP 1 : 2 x 1 unit – Tweed Coast
  • Purchase Price: $185k
  • Value Now: $230k+
  • Yield: 7.3%
  • Growth Since Purchase: $45k
Bernie and Michelle Hughes - Ulladulla

We used Matt’s services because we are living in WA and wanted to buy an investment property around the Wollongong area. Matt provided all the knowledge and support we needed to make our first investment purchase a simple, smart and satisfying experience. Matt took charge and provided updates so we were in the loop but without the day to day updates that we just didn’t want. He asked us what we wanted and our terms and found a great property. Matt’s understanding of the area and his recommendations for other services made the purchase fast and simple for us. We would definitely recommend using Matt’s services!
Alanna and Paul

Overall I am really lucky to have a great solid team for my first purchase. Everything running smooth stressed less. Thank you very much again for all your help. I really appreciated it… Its been a pleasure to work with you and I wouldn’t hesitate to introduce you to my colleague and friends for your great help.


“As a small business owner, I hadn’t really looked after my investments and super over the years I had been growing my business. My accountant recommended I engage Precium to help. Working with Matt gave me the confidence to attain my property goals and they did all the hard work on researching the property that I would otherwise not have had the time to do. The service I received was personalized, attentive, efficient and comprehensive.

All of this gave me much greater confidence for my first property purchase and I am now looking at engaging Precium for my second property this year. I have no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone who is time poor, confused or uncertain about the property market, or who simply wants to leave the research to someone else.”

Angela Colson, Proprietor, Distraction Pty Ltd, Project Manager, The Burma Project.

“It gives me great pleasure to provide you with a brief testimonial, summarizing my experience in working with you. From the time we spent together, I am confident that you have an innovative and holistic approach to investing in real estate.

Your knowledge of and pragmatic approach to demographics, property cycles, property values and marketing for sale provide an end-to-end process that is simple to understand and effective. I believe that you have the ability to identify opportunities in the market that would otherwise be overlooked by the typical investor or buyers’ agent.

I wish you every success with the future of Precium and hope that we may work together again some time in the future.”

Geoff Lewis

What I liked about working with Precium was …. you get a lot more than you expect! Although I’d heard of them, I’d never used a buyer’s agent before, and I found Matt by recommendations on a forum. We are not experts so it was great that he was with us every step of the way, from first contact until settlement. The process couldn’t have been easier. As well as looking in the area we thought we wanted, he came up with something completely outside that area, and we got the perfect property with excellent rental return, and now have money left over to put towards another one. His fee was worth every cent, and we saved much more than that by the price he negotiated for the property. We would never have been able to do that ourselves. He arranged the pest and building inspections, liaised with our conveyancer, the selling agent, and found us a property manager. What more could you ask? We’ll definitely use Matt again.


“I am a long term property investor and found it very efficient to use a buyer’s agent, as I don’t always have the time to research an area or locate and inspect prospective properties. Using a buyer’s agent gives you time to do other things, like going fishing! I used Precium because I know that Matt’s advice about property is based on his own experience as an investor over many years. Matt found properties that matched my brief: solid yield, good potential for growth and in the price bracket I was after. I appreciated the integrity Matt showed through the buying process. His knowledge of local areas and markets allowed me to invest with confidence. I will continue to use Precium for future property purchases and would have no hesitation in recommending the service to others. Thanks Matt!”

Josh, Sydney

Precium (Matt knight) was recommended to me by the St George Bank SMSF Lending Manager I was using earlier this year. I set up a meeting with Matt and found him to be informative, non-invasive and as dealings transpired, completely transparent. Matt provided solid market intel in the target area we had chosen and within weeks the desired property was identified and secured below sale price.

Until the property was secured Matt was involved in every step of the process liaising with the real estate, bank, solicitors, my accountant and building inspector. Creating your own SMFS and the investment process can be a little daunting to begin with but now we are on our way I am looking forward to working with Matt to find our next investment.

Mark Haines

Thanks so much for your help, and I’m more than happy to recommend you… I’m grateful for any assistance in arranging the tasks needed to get the house rentable… I’m really excited about the property and look forward to transforming it over time… and hopefully use equity to be able to come back and ask you to assist me again in the future.

Lynne J

Highest rental yield of my portfolio – BIG THANK YOU for your service!
Antony P

Thanks Matt, and thank you for sorting everything. Very happy with how smoothly everything went. And I look forward to working with you again, although you did all the work 🙂
Allan R

We really appreciate all your help and have been highly recommending you to our friends.
Jake E

As you can see I have plenty of reasons to keep LOVING MY JOB!

I am overwhelmed and humbled when I read these. A sincere thanks to all the clients willing to share the stories.

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