I have a few semi-related bits to post – so I will break things up.  I will send the market update today and the “part 2” (technical term I know) in a few days. 

Market Update.  Short version – the south coast is humming along.  RP Data and Your Investment Property Mag agree, they interviewed me for this article on the Illawarra being the best performing regional market in AUSTRALIA for the last 12 months.  Well worth a read but the take home summary:  Baby Boomers retiring out of the capitals is having a big impact on the market.  If you plan on getting into the market but were wondering if it was better to wait a yr, be warned, prices are on the up. 


P.S. The Illawarra & Shoalhaven Regional Plan (which is in part driving the above market results) is something lots of people have been interested in so I put a link to download it from the precium.com.au home page.  Feel free to check it out if you haven’t already.  (NOTE: Image shown is new Burrill Lake Bridge under construction image courtesy of Darryl Gamma)

Part 2:  Those of you who know me know I love property data (nerdy I know) well I am working on putting together what I believe will be Australia’s best value property data access and some great education tools for those of you who are the DIY investor type or just want to know it all. 

STAY TUNED for part two…