Why would Matt send out a SELFIE?

…when our feeds are chock full of them.  

It’s not even very good. Or interesting. (and WOW my head is shiny)

Ok – story time. You see the other day I was in the city walking – when I stopped. 

I had a moment. 

I took this photo…but I need to go back further: (warning, this is long)

Some of you know I used to be a social worker.  I actually had my first full time gig in Redfern 15 yrs ago. It was great, and my office was a few doors down from this spot, the corner of George and Cleveland St.  Back then I just invested in property on the side, it was a hobby more than anything else, but I loved it, along with my first passion which has always been working with interesting people.  I was newly married and the world was in front of me.

3 years into that job, I was driving to work, coming along cleveland st about to turn left onto George St. The traffic was only doing 50km/h but there was a lot of it.  

A  pedestrian stepped out in front of me just as I was turning.  

I jammed on the brakes. 

I stopped. (thank goodness) I saw her face out my windscreen she looked relieved and sheepish.  She new it was her fault. 

Then it happened. 


A B-Double truck right behind me slammed into and completely consumed the back of my corolla.  It was sent spinning across the intersection. 

I can still remember the instant pale look of horror on her face as the pedestrian watched my car violently spinning in front of her, no, towards her.  I think I missed taking out her knee caps by about 5cm. 

I spent 6 weeks in physio for my neck, but made a full recovery.  No one was permanently injured, or worse killed – thank God. The rest was a blur.  

Back then I had dreams, but I was uncertain.  I had plans but no confidence.  I didn’t know how life would pan out. 

Then the other day when I walked that road – I had a full on flashback to that accident. I felt the emotion, re-lived the moment, it was involuntary.  Then completely out of the blue I felt gratitude wash over me like a wave.

You see, I am lucky, or blessed, or whatever the right word is.  A very patient loyal woman loves me, and I have 4 incredible children who (sort of) put up with my dad jokes.  I think back to that young man who got spun across the intersection by that truck and I think life could have panned out so many different ways. I am so grateful to be right where I am right now.  I’m not trying to make light of the trials or tragedies, they happen too. But really things are way better than I deserve.

If you are like me there is always another goal to set.  But for now maybe we should both take a moment to be thankful for the journey thus far. For the good stuff, and the hard stuff.  

I guess this is like a really late New Years reflection, and I am saying thanks.  Thanks to the amazing clients who I get to work with, to friends, family, God.  

I sincerely hope you can find a bit of that feeling too, somehow, even when things are hard. 

And sorry about the ramble. (not to mention the selfy!)


PS – In case you were wondering will I talk about property?  Yes, I’m itching to share a few ideas next time.  I actually have a few ideas I want to share with you and get some feedback if that is ok?